CCFP Patrons & Board of Governers

Dr. Parvez Hassan

Lt. Gen. R. M. Afzal Najeeb

CCF Board of Governors​

  • Mr. Mahmood Ahmad (Chairman BOG)
  • Mr. Tariq Mahmood (Chairman EC)
  • Dr. Khalid J. Chowdhry
  • Mr. Khalid Saeed Sheikh
  • Mr. Amir Khalid Saeed Sheikh
  • Ms Maryyum Khan 
  • Chairman PCMEA
  •  Sectary TDAP
  • Mr. Zameer Amhed (Edhi Welfare)
  • Dr. Saba Bukhari
  • Miss. Falahat Imran
  • Muzafar ul Haq
  • Doctor Omar Mahmood

CCF Executive Commitee

Mr. Tariq Mahmood

Mr. Tariq Mahmood is a prominent businessman and a renowned social worker with immense knowledge of the Child Labour issue prevailing in Pakistan. As a resource person, he has been associated with CCF since its inception and played a central role in its progress and development. He is a consistent contributor to CCF’s educational, promotional and preventive healthcare programs.

Mr. Mahmood Ahmad

Mr. Mahmood Ahmad is a prominent banker and a very renowned business entrepreneur with incredible knowledge of the local and international markets, particularly focusing on business and community development and welfare projects. His valuable contributions to the growth and development of Child Care Foundation are greatly acknowledged and immensely valued.

Ms Maryyum Khan

Ms Maryyum Khan is a well accomplished professional with extensive of over 21 years in strategic planning with multicultural awareness and extensive experience in the field of management consultancy and business development ,stretching over a period of nearly two decades ,both in Pakistan and abroad .served as a diploma for 10 years in the Pakistan foreign service.  

Mr. Muzafar-ul-Haq

Mr. Muzafar-ul-Haq is a Family Man with a deep sense of community .he is actively involved in various ventures .His extensive background in business and management ,coupled with a genuine concern for social issues ,makes him a dynamic force in our efforts to address and eliminate child laubor .His role at the Child Care Foundation reflect his belief in the power of collaboration and community driven initiatives to create lasting positive change 

Our Team

Ms Naveeda Shahzad

Chief Executive Officer

Muhammad Aqeel Abbasi

Manager Admin HR & Projects

Mr. Shabbir Ahmad

Data Analysis Officer

Miss Sohaila Javid

Education Officer

Hafiz Muhammad Ali

Assistant Data Analysis Officer

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