Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities & Capacity Building Initiatives

Sports, Debate & Bazam-e-Naat Competitions

The prime objective of extra-curricular activities at CCF schools is to ensure the mental and physical health of every student and provide every opportunity to grow. All our schools (Formal and Non-Formal) regularly organize sports day, cleanliness and parents’ days, literacy walks, inter-school debates competition, Bazm-e-Adab, drawing competitions and annual results events and other national days regularly.
These activities keep the interest of the children and their parents alive and at times contribute in controlling the drop-out ratio at our community based schools.

Impact of CCF Schools on Local Communities

continuous mobilization is sensitizing locals on child labour issue CCF-PEF project schools have drawn more working children to schools children & families are becoming more conscious of personal hygiene students mainstreaming ratio has increased to almost 100% in recent years VEC / FEC system has developed a new sense of ownership in locals trained teachers are contributing in increasing girl-child enrolment preventive healthcare activities has enhanced its image in communities schools extra-curricular activities are increasing children’s’ interest in schools

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