Executive Commitee

Mr. Tariq Mahmood, Chairman Executive Committee

Mr. Tariq Mahmood is a prominent businessman and a renowned social worker with immense knowledge of the Child Labour issue prevailing in Pakistan. As a resource person, he has been associated with CCF since its inception and played a central role in its progress and development. He is a consistent contributor to CCF’s educational, promotional and preventive healthcare programs. He is heading the CCF Executive Committee from the last four years. His progressive and futuristic approach and his long term planning has lead the organization on the pathway of result-bearing progress.

Dr. Parvez Hassan

Dr. Parvez Hassan is a distinguished legal expert and a prominent social figure in Pakistan. His enormous contributions to human right activities in Pakistan and IUCN for the conservation of nature and environmental advocacy have brought him worldly acclaim. CCF is the living example of his untiring commitment towards underprivileged children in Pakistan and a landmark accomplishment in community development. His contributions to CCF are un-matching. Being Chairman CCF Board of Governors he has provided dynamic leadership to the organization.

Lt. Gen. R. M. Afzal Najeeb

Chairman B.O.G

Lt. Gen. R. M. Afzal Najeeb is a professor of cardiology and has vast, valuable experience in medical education. He is an accredited academic and administrative head of premier armed forces and civilian teaching institutions. He has been on various WHO Expert panels on policy planning. His latest book ‘Journey Through Healthcare’ adds another feather in his cap. He is now actively associated with social and healthcare NGOs. His commitment towards underprivileged women and children is amazing. CFF owes a lot to his untiring services.

Mr. Mahmood Ahmad

Mr. Mahmood Ahmad is a prominent banker and a very renowned business entrepreneur with incredible knowledge of the local and international markets, particularly focusing on business and community development and welfare projects. His valuable contributions to the growth and development of Child Care Foundation are greatly acknowledged and immensely valued.