Sponsor A School (SAS) Programme 2012

Dear friends, Pakistan is passing through the most challenging times of its history. Our growing POPULATION and continuously increasing INFLATION rate is multiplying the number of out of school children in the country thus increasing Poverty & Child Labour. GOVT efforts for child education are being seriously challenged today. It is feared that if these innocent children will remain deprived of their basic right to EDUCATION they will soon become an easy prey to forces working against the very existence of Pakistan.
CCF strongly believes that no GOVT alone can effectively tackle this situation without the support of its CIVIL SOCIETY. It is now or never situation in the country. We need to EDUCATE every out of school CHILD to protect Pakistan's future.  It is high time for our pro-active civil society to come forward and play its role at individual and collective level role for education of the deprived children. It must not be forgotten that Pakistan is the biggest charity giving nation in the world. If the concerned memebrs of the civil society put their collective weight behind the cause of CHILD EDUCATION in Pakistan it can help in materializing the dream of safe, secure and progressive Pakistan.
Responding to this situation Child Care Foundation (CCF) has revised its operational policies and developed a new strategy of working closely with educational institutions and proactive members of civil society to give new momentum to its mission of Child Education in Pakistan. In this regard, CCF has launched a pilot project “Sponsor a School” (SAS) Program with effect from January 2012 with the support of individual memebrs of the civil society to educate underprivileged children living below the poverty line in the labour intensive districts of central Punjab initially.
Under this program any concerned person of the civil society who wants to play his/ her active role in the education of deprived children can sponsor one CCF Non-Formal Primary School for Rs. 10,000 per month to enable 40 Children to complete their PRIMARY EDUCATION in 3 Years and get mainstreamed. It may be noted, anyone can sponsor more than one CCF Non Formal Primary Schools. The main purpose of this program is to make Primary Level EDUCATION accessible and possible for every deprived child. 
Specific Objective of SAS Programme

  • To provide FREE Primary Education to Working Children.
  • To bring sense of ownership in civil society.
  • To reduce reliance on Foreign Partners for Child Education.
  • To ensure Long-Term  Sustainability of CCF Programs / Projects
  • To make Child Education Possible, Accessible and Economical
  • To provide Preventive Health Services to Deprived Children.
  • To provide Recreational Services to Children for their growth.
  • To setup more NF Schools in Rural Areas with CIVIL SOCIETY

Please note that Non-Formal Schools are especially meant for working children of age group 7-14 years who miss their elementary years of education mainly due to poverty. According to especially designed & approved syllabus these children are provided Non-Formal Primary Education in 36 months and are enabled to appear in the Final Primary Exam held under Government supervision. GOVT of Punjab is presently running more than 10,000 Non-Formal Primary Schools for such children. The scope of these schools has to be expanded on war footing to educate every child deprived of basic education.

School Sponsoring Procedure

    • Call CCF CEO / Program Manager for direct information.
    • Within 24 hours CCF staff will reach you on your given date, time and address to receive CROSS CHEQUE in the name of CHILD CARE FOUNDATION. Please note, you can make your sponsorship payment on monthly, quarterly, six monthly or yearly basis.
    • CCF Staff will ISSUE Receipt on the spot. Within 24 hours   A BREAKING NEWS will be displayed on CCF official Website: www.ccfp.org.pk about your sponsoring CCF School.
    • CCF will be responsible to ensure that sponsored children effectively complete their PRIMARY EDUCATION in 36 months,  appear in their Final Primary Exam under GOVT supervised Exams and get mainstreamed. 
    • CCF will welcome its Sponsors to visit their schools any time


    Please note that Child Care Foundation of Pakistan bears all other expenses incurred on the overall management of these schools including Community Mobilization, Monitoring & Evaluation, Furniture & Fixtures, Health Care Services, Repair & Maintenance Services, Transportation & Petrol, Regular Field Visits and all Recreational Services for Underprivileged children etc.