Introduction of CCF

Child Care Foundation of Pakistan is a non-profit, non governmental organization set up in October 1996, under the Societies Act 1860 with public-private partnership for charitable, scientific and education purposes. CCF mandate is to develop comprehensive strategies in collaboration with Government, NGOs, Trade Unions, UN Bodies, Donor Agencies, Private Sector Organizations and concerned members of civil society to ensure the prevention, elimination and rehabilitation of all forms of child labour in Pakistan. Child Care Foundation came into being when it was most needed to comprehensively address child labor issue in Pakistan and protect country’s strategic interests nationally and internationally.


Guiding Principles

  • Commitment to a noble cause is self-rewarding and CCF believes in selfless service.
  • Sincerity and austerity are key elements for organizational growth
  • Transparency and accountability are essential for enduring progress
  • Image and credibility is largely the by-product of diligence and competence


CCF Strategic Goals & Objectives

  • Combat all Forms of Child Labor under UN Conventions & ILO Articles
  • Adopt Comprehensive Strategy to Combat Child Labour in Pakistan
  • Prevent, Control, Eliminate Child Labour through  Mass Education
  • Impart Quality Education to Working Children in Target Areas
  • Set up Non-Formal Primary Education Centers in Rural Communities
  • Establish Formal High Schools for Working Children (Mainly Girls)
  • Mainstream Primary Pass Children into Government & Private Schools
  • Impart Vocational Training to Students & Underprivileged Women
  • Mobilize Rural Communities for Girl Child Education.
  • Organize Teachers / Staff Training Programs
  • Provide Preventive Healthcare Services to School Children
  • Provide Recreational Facilities to School Children
  • To Economically Empower Parents (Mothers) of School Children.
  • Promote International Slogan of Education for All (EFA) in Pakistan
  • Raise Public Awareness about Child Labor & Child Education
  • Mobilize Various Segments of Society about Child Education